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darren Howlett

Front of House Operations, Partner



Darren Howlett

Darren's first exposure to restaurants and hospitality came at the age of 4 while growing up in his family's restaurant in Cobble Hill, the Millstream Inn. It was highly influential on him, and clearly set his path in life. 

Spending 40 years in the food and hospitality industries, he's been privy to unique insights and perspectives as he's watched the public's tastes and culinary needs - as well as the call for social responsibility and sustainability, evolve firsthand. That movement rang true to him decades ago, and has dictated his food ever since - Eating Local. The absolute bounty of Vancouver Island, and the Comox Valley in particular is a rare find, and too often taken for granted. He has been taking steps over the last decade to showcase and bring light to the amazing Comox Valley, not just for outsiders, but the local community as well.  

With a literal lifetime of experience in food, entertaining, and commerce, Darren takes care of the day to day operations. 

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